Dora Skirth, Ph.D. was an employee of the Life Foundation.


Dora was employed by the Life Foundation. After having a successful trial from one of the symbiotes, Carlton Drake decided to go on further testing on human trials. Dora told him that they'll be precautions that will take place but was threatened by Carlton about her family.[1] She then reached out to Eddie Brock at a convenient store for some help in exposing Carlton, but he refused.[1]

When Eddie called Dora for a certain interest in what the Life Foundation is doing, she helps him to infiltrate the secret laboratory where human subjects are tested with the symbiotes but a guard showed up and she distracted him while Eddie took some picture about the experiment. When an alarm is triggered, she finds her way out.[1]

When Drake arrived at her, Dora explained that an intruder stole the symbiote. She quickly left the scene so that no one had any suspicion.[1]

Dora arrived at her office, she was surprised to see Roland Treece and the guard that she distracted waiting for her. She was brought to Drake to his disappointment, he interrogated her and admitted that Eddie Brock is the one that takes the symbiote. He ordered to release the symbiote to experiment on her. When Drake returned, he founded her corpse near to the symbiote.[1]



  • Dean Fleischer-Camp- husband
  • Alex - son
  • Unknown kids




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