"The one with Drake is Riot."
"Who's Riot?"
"Riot is who you would call a team leader. He has an arsenal of weapons."
Venom and Eddie Brock[src]

Riot was a symbiote originating from Klyntar. At the time of his death, he was bonded with Carlton Drake.


Riot originated on the planet Klyntar.[1]

At some point, he found himself on an asteroid with a number of other symbiotes. They were found by astronauts employed by the Life Foundation, and were contained and taken back to Earth. However, in transit, Riot escaped his containment, causing the spaceship to crash in Malaysia. He bonded with one of the astronauts, allowing the man to stay alive. As the man was taken away for medical treatment, Riot transferred himself into the EMT, Corinne Wan. They walked to a nearby village, looking for food. While there, Riot shot spikes out of Corinne's body, killing all but an elder woman. Riot transferred himself into the woman's body.[2]

Arriving at an airport, Riot followed a little girl that he soon possessed, leaving the elder woman to die. Later, Riot arrived at the Life Foundation where he met Carlton Drake and bonded himself towards him. Later, when Drake interrogated Eddie Brock, he changed into his true form asking where Venom was, but got no answer.[2]

In a different room, Riot talked to Carlton Drake about their next move and what they were going to do with Eddie, where Drake said that he ordered his men to dispose of him. Later, when the ship was about to launch, he killed an employee who didn't want to launch it, and angrily started killing everyone. On his way to the ship, Riot encountered Venom, he demanded him to get in the ship but, he did not like the idea of invading the planet so they began to fight. During the fight, Riot lost connection with Drake temporarily but just in time to save his host of falling and he pierced Eddie at the back of his chest.[2]

Finally inside of the rocket, Riot realized that Eddie is not dead because Venom has bond with him just in time. He called him a traitor and Venom jumped on the rocket and damaged it with Riot's own tendril blade so that the ship would explode. Riot was incinerated to death along Drake.[2]





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