"I don't believe in karma."
—Roland Treece to Eddie Brock[src]

Roland Treece was a mercenary that was hired by the Life Foundation.


Roland Treece was first assigned to apprehend the symbiote from Eddie Brock from his apartment with other mercenaries asking Eddie to give Mr. Drake's propriety back but because he can't, he ordered his man to take him down but the symbiote attack and defeated all of them. Roland tried to capture him, but as the symbiote controlled Eddie, it almost ate him. Roland was saved by one of the mercenaries, who lost his life after his head was eaten out.[1]

Later, Roland captured Eddie at the hospital but he didn't have the symbiote that he needs. After the interrogation, he was ordered with two other henchmen to execute Eddie Brock in the woods. Treece prepared to execute Eddie, unbeknownst to him that Anne Weying had bonded with the symbiote and stealthily taking down the thugs behind him. Saying his final statement toward Eddie, Treece was apprehended by Venom and had his head bitten off.[1]





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